Welcome to Operations and Supply Chain Management. Largely due to the increased competition of globalisation and improved and transformed products, services and processes as a result of information technology, organisations are seeking to substantially improve operations and supply chain performance, innovating better and more quickly. They are also making transformative changes to their operations and supply chains as they develop new business models and become part of new business ecosystems. This website is a collection of resources that will assist organisations in all of the changes that they are making to their operations and supply chains as part of what many call the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The website is intended for practitioners everywhere and for University of Waterloo students who are taking my Operations and Supply Chain Management courses. The courses are intended to provide students with an understanding of Operations and Supply Chain in manufacturing and service organisations in the private, public and not for profit sectors. While traditional approaches to Operations and Supply Chain are covered, there is emphasis in the courses on lean approaches that are of particular value and interest in many organisations today. Lean is understood as requiring effective combination of its people and technical aspects and this is reflected in the course and website content.

I hope that you will find the website of value and am happy to discuss any of its aspects. I can be contacted at pdcarr@uwaterloo.ca.

Peter Carr


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